Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Subconscious is Tuned to a Very Specific Radio Station

On Monday, I posted this on my Facebook status:

I had a dream last night that I was invited to dinner at the White House. I was given the opportunity to ask the president one question. So, I asked, "Do you think Bruce Springsteen might show up?" I woke up before he could answer.

What I did not know is that very same night, Bruce was actually being honored by the President at the Kennedy Center. I had no idea that there was an event at the Kennedy Center or that Springsteen would be among the honorees at any upcoming event. However, given the chance to answer my question, the president obviously would have said, "As a matter of fact, yes. He will be here." How about that?

Here is the video of President Obama honoring Bruce:

First of all, I love what he said. It's all true.

Second, I am obviously psychic regarding all things Springsteen-related. This is a gift that I plan to use with wisdom and responsibility.

Now excuse me as I embark on a last-chance power drive down Highway 9...