Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Peter Rollins Cracks Me Up

One writer/speaker that I really enjoy is Peter Rollins. One of the coolest experiences I had last summer was that I was sitting in a pub in Grand Rapids, Michigan with a bunch of guys from Texas, and Rollins came and joined us for a few minutes. We were in town for a preaching conference, and Rollins was one of the speakers. As it turned out, he was friends with the guy sitting directly to my right. It was an amazing thing to get to simply sit and listen to him talk. He's incredibly dynamic and brilliant.

Last week on his blog, he talked about putting the finishing touches on his new book. Then, at the end of the post, he wrote this:

In the mean time don’t forget The Orthodox Heretic, she is very lonely in the Amazon store house and is being picked on by the Mark Driscoll books. Please consider giving her a good home!

It's even funnier if you imagine the words being spoken in Rollins' Irish accent.

If you want to read Peter Rollins' blog, click here.

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Annie Sarah said...

Hey Rob! I've been hearing about P.R. for a while now, but I've never heard him speak or read his books (if he has any), but I watched him online- I like his style! Thanks for posting this.