Tuesday, September 29, 2009


A couple of months ago, I was in Michigan for a pastor's conference. At the beginning of the event, the main speaker asked the crowd: "Do we have anyone here from another country?" And after one person yelled, "Canada!" and another, "Ireland!" one guy near the front shouted, "TEXAS!" Everyone laughed.

Not originally from Texas, I've been going this whole time thinking the idea of Texas existing as its own country was just a running joke. That is, until I saw the following bumper sticker on my way home from church yesterday:

This was the only bumper sticker on the car. On my car, the only bumper sticker says, "Love Wins." I put it there because it's something that I really believe in and I don't want to just put anything with text on my car. I think this guy feels the same way about his sticker. I took a look at the driver, and he's definitely not the kind of guy who uses irony in his choice of bumper stickers. This guy is seriously ready to declare Texas independent from....well, everything.

I didn't know people were making these stickers.

I didn't know people were buying these stickers.

I'm not saying I wouldn't buy one. I would. I would buy one right now if the opportunity presented itself. But I would immediately place it in my office somewhere near my Transformers-themed Mr. Potato Head and my Jesus CelebriDuck. In other words, I would put it somewhere that, when people see it, they would think, "Oh that Rob. He loves silly novelty items that nobody takes very seriously."

As I was staring at the back of this guy's car (and subsequently missing my turn), I had a little conversation with him in my head:

Me: "So....secede?"

Truck Guy: "Yup."

Me: "You know, the last time someone wanted to do that, it started this huge war and hundreds of thousands of people died. Not only that, it didn't even work. By the end of the war, the secession had failed. And they had 11 states and a couple of territories. You're talking about just Texas. That would be Texas vs. The Other 49 States. How do you feel about that?"

Truck Guy: "We can take 'em."

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