Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Great Book

I just finished Rob Bell's new book (co-authored with his former co-pastor, Don Golden). It's called Jesus Wants to Save Christians (which may be my all-time favorite title for a book). I don't really have any significant insights or theological reflections for this post. I simply wanted you to know that this fantastic book is available to the general public and that you should read it immediately.

Yes, you.


Carmack said...

No, I think instead of reading it, I'll have you summarize it for me, feign interest, borrow your copy, then lose it when I move two years later (having never read it).

...Okay, fine. I'll get on Amazon now.

mm jw said...

What a thrill --- a post so soon after your last!

And yes, I must get a copy.

(Your brother is so funny.)

caroline said...

you make my heart all stabby ;)

mm jw said...

You're really reading all those books?

[P.S. It's been well over a month since your last post. Hello?!?!?]

mm jw said...

'Course if you're reading all those books, going to seminary - which is almost 2 hours away - and starting a church - oh, and being a husband and a pet owner, I guess you don't have time for a post.

I'll cut you some slack.